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mHealthUX | Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and Gamification, What are the Odds?

What is DTx?

Digital therapeutics are evidence-based, clinically evaluated software and devices that can be used to treat a range of diseases and disorders, including physical and behavioral health conditions such as pain, diabetes, anxiety, and PTSD. They can be used independently or in conjunction with medications, devices, and other therapies to improve patient care and health outcomes.

Digital therapeutics are regulated as medical devices and must adhere to certain principles, such as incorporating patient privacy and security protections, publishing trial results in peer-reviewed journals, and receiving clearance or certification by regulatory bodies*

Gamification model, anyone?

💎The best gamification model for digital therapeutics (DTx) is one that incorporates elements of user control, autonomy, flow, and immersion, as these factors are crucial for enjoyment and sustained attention. Additionally, the model should facilitate the visualization of complex ideas and allow for manipulation of such images to facilitate understanding. It should also offer alternative mechanisms of change to traditional approaches, such as facilitating the visualization of negative thoughts and allowing manipulation of such images. Finally, the model should engage users and keep them engaged in the tool for a higher "dose" of the intervention.

more to come, so stay tuned!🩺


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