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KLINIKUM+ | the world's first smart capnometer, hailing from india!

Company name: Brainiac Healthcare

Founded in: 2021, Ahmedabad India

Total Userbase: [not specific]

  • monitored over 50 patients

  • provided over 30 trials

  • installed over 10 devices

  • engaged with over 10 multi-specialty hospitals

What is the challenge being tackled?

Brainiac Healthcare tackles the challenge of patient monitoring in the field of #anesthesia.

Capnometers, devices that measure carbon dioxide concentration in expired gases, are used in various healthcare fields, including anesthesia, intensive care, and lung function studies.

There are significant challenges such as over-breathing (CO2 deficiency), patient cooperation, continuous monitoring, and interpretation of results.

Brainiac Healthcare has developed the world's first smart capnometer, RespiCOz; which provides real-time capnograph and EtCO2 readings on a mobile phone.

RespiCOz features a no-breath detection alarm for emergencies and has customizable color alert limits that allow wireless patient monitoring via a mobile app.

Business model?

	they sell their products online
	they offer basic services for free while charging for premium features
💰selling data
	they may generate revenue by selling data
	they charge for the services they provide

Target market?


age : 26-60



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