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Design Thinking for Social Innovation

Design thinking is a widely used methodology around the world and adapted to different contexts, not only for pure market-based innovation or technology-driven inventions. Design thinking is a perfect fit to address social problems and challenges that were once a hurdle. The very reason why design thinking can be applied well into social challenges is because of the human-centeredness, dynamic, stochastic, and interactive nature of the problems that fall under the Social Change Initiative. These issues were a strong obstacle in streamlining inclusivity, enhancement and positive impact in our overall lives and as a global village.

“Listen to the people” is the key work of a Design Thinker for Social Impact. Translating the community’s frustrations, tasks, and other ingrained activities can be tough as it can become correlated as to how “diverse” and “heterogeneous” the community is. Here my advice would be, “Let them tell you what works.” – communities, when probed well by open-ended and empathic questions, can guide you on what truly works and what doesn’t in their unique environment and social dynamic. Lastly, “Be their instrument of change, the good type.” – you are their agent of a new exciting and less frustrating reality! With knowledge, comes great responsibility.

More thoughts to come, stay tuned!


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