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MOMENTUM+| it just doesn’t fit tho.

Imagine you are shopping for new shoes. You try different sizes but eventually find a pair that just ✨fit ✨

but why isn't it as intuitive and obvious as shoe shopping? 👠


Product-market fit is the alignment between a product or service and the market demand for it. It signifies that a product satisfies a strong market need.

Most startups fail to grasp this concept due to various reasons:

1. Lack of Market Demand: Startups may fail when there is no significant market demand for their product or service.

2. Inadequate Product-Market Fit: Failure to understand consumer preferences leads to a mismatch between the product and the target market.

3. Ineffective Marketing Strategies: Poor marketing efforts hinder growth and lead to failure.

4. Ignoring Customer Input: Failing to listen to customers and adapt products accordingly results in declining satisfaction and eventual failure.

5. Team Issues: Problems within the team, like lack of talent or cooperation, can block growth and hinder execution of the business plan

Understanding and achieving product-market fit is crucial for startup success, requiring a deep understanding of market needs and effective strategies to meet them.

we have barely scratched the surface y'all, I will continue this topic at a later post. todaloo! 👋



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