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4-Week Crash Course mHealth UX: How to Design a Mobile Health App Effectively

4-Week Crash Course mHealth UX: How to Design a Mobile Health App Effectively

    There is a significant challenge for healthcare providers and developers to design, architect and deploy a usable mobile     health application that works well, looks, good, and can be sustained in the changing times. 

    The key to a successful mobile health application design lies in deeply understanding how and why users will want to use     the application. 


  •     What is innovation and why is it the holy grail for a precise and effective healthcare delivery
  •     Design Thinking, a holistic mindset in problem-solving
  •     Human-centered innovation learning loop and its significance in refining medically-inclined features
  •     User Experience Best Practices
  • Course Breakdown

    Week 1: Introduction to Design Thinking in Digital Health
    - Explore the significance of design thinking in digital health.
    - Learn the principles of human-centered design within the healthcare context.

    Week 2: Empathizing with Healthcare Users
    - Dive into the first stage of design thinking: Empathy.
    - Understand user research techniques and gather insights from healthcare users.

    Week 3: Ideation and Problem Framing
    - Discover brainstorming techniques and effective problem definition within the digital health domain.
    - Develop a clear problem statement based on user needs and pain points.

    Week 4: Prototyping and Testing in Healthcare
    - Explore the principles of prototyping and testing in the context of digital health.
    - Create low-fidelity prototypes and iterate based on user feedback.

    Assessment in this course is centered around a hands-on digital health project applying design thinking principles. Participants will be evaluated on problem definition, ideation, prototyping, user testing, and the presentation of their user-centric solutions.

    Who Should Attend:

    This 4-week course is ideal for healthcare professionals, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and anyone passionate about enhancing digital health experiences. It's perfect for those looking to make a meaningful contribution to the digital health sector through innovative design and a deep understanding of user needs.

    Join us for a condensed yet immersive experience in designing digital health solutions that prioritize user experience and well-being. Enroll today and be part of the transformative journey to shape the future of healthcare through design thinking!

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