Information Architecture Simplified

Information Architecture Simplified

Information Architecture (IA) is all around us! 

from the website, the mall, to the restaurant menu – IA helps us to understand our surroundings and find what we're looking for. Practicing a well designed IA can help established organizations and upcoming startups optimize innovative products into its fruition. 


In this class, we will focus on how IA is related to User Experience (UX) design – and how beneficial it is in the innovation cycle as a whole. 


Who is it for? 

  • Entrepreneurs: Solo Rider
  • Founder teams: CXOs
  • Designers: UX/UI Designers, Product Managers, future Information Architects **
  • Builders: Engineers/Devs
  • Freelancers: Self-employed one-business Boss
  • Consultants: Self-employed mentors/Coaches
  • User Interface designers who wish to expand their career towards Design Thinking Umbrella (focus on UX Design)

    No Refund Policy as this is propereitary work shared specifically with the student. 


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