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4-Week Crash Course: Create Better Products with Design Thinking

4-Week Crash Course: Create Better Products with Design Thinking

By the end of this course, the student will be able to: 

  • empathize with a broad group of stakeholders to understand their needs
  •  define and re-define innovation challenges by asking the right questions, and not necessarily focusing on the right answers.
  • develop many creative ideas through structured brainstorming sessions.
  • develop rapid prototypes to bring their ideas into reality as quickly as possible, and obtain valuable feedback.



  • Program Highlights

    Here's a 4-week design thinking bootcamp outline that covers the core principles and methodologies of design thinking:

    Week 1: Introduction to Design Thinking

    Day 1: Session 1 - Welcome and Icebreaker
    - Introduction to the bootcamp and fellow participants.
    - Icebreaker activity to foster a collaborative learning environment.

    Day 2: Session 2 - What is Design Thinking?
    - Define design thinking and its significance in problem-solving.
    - Explore the history and principles of design thinking.

    Day 3: Session 3 - Empathize with Users
    - Understand the first stage of the design thinking process: Empathy.
    - Learn techniques for user research and observation.

    Day 4: Session 4 - Practical Exercise: Interviewing Users
    - Conduct user interviews to gain insights into their needs and pain points.
    - Analyze interview findings and identify common themes.

    Day 5: Session 5 - Define the Problem
    - Explore the second stage of design thinking: Problem definition.
    - Develop a clear problem statement based on user insights.

    Week 2: Ideation and Prototyping

    Day 6: Session 6 - Ideation Techniques
    - Learn ideation techniques such as brainstorming, mind mapping, and SCAMPER.
    - Practice idea generation through group activities.

    Day 7: Session 7 - Practical Exercise: Ideation Workshop
    - Conduct an ideation workshop to generate a wide range of creative solutions.
    - Select and prioritize ideas for further development.

    Day 8: Session 8 - Prototyping Principles
    - Understand the concept of prototyping in design thinking.
    - Explore various prototyping methods and materials.

    Day 9: Session 9 - Practical Exercise: Rapid Prototyping
    - Create low-fidelity prototypes of selected ideas.
    - Test and iterate on prototypes with user feedback.

    Day 10: Session 10 - Test and Gather Feedback
    - Learn the importance of testing and user feedback in design thinking.
    - Conduct user testing on your prototypes and refine your solutions.

    Week 3: Design Thinking in Practice

    Day 11: Session 11 - Case Studies
    - Explore real-world case studies of design thinking applied in various industries.
    - Analyze successful design thinking projects.

    Day 12: Session 12 - Design Thinking Tools
    - Introduce design thinking tools and software for visualization and collaboration.
    - Explore how technology can enhance the design thinking process.

    Day 13: Session 13 - Applying Design Thinking to Your Challenges
    - Participants present their own challenges and apply design thinking principles to solve them.
    - Group discussions and feedback on applied design thinking.

    Day 14: Session 14 - Ethical Considerations in Design Thinking
    - Discuss the ethical aspects of design thinking, including user privacy and inclusivity.
    - Explore responsible innovation in design thinking.

    Week 4: Final Projects and Graduation

    Day 15: Session 15 - Project Development
    - Work on your final design thinking projects. Participants can choose a challenge they care about or work on a shared project.

    Day 16: Session 16 - Project Development
    - Continue developing and refining your design thinking projects.
    - Seek feedback from fellow participants and instructors.

    Day 17: Session 17 - Final Presentations
    - Participants present their design thinking projects to the group.
    - Discuss the impact of design thinking on project outcomes.

    Day 18: Session 18 - Certificates of Completion
    - Celebrate the completion of the bootcamp with a graduation ceremony.
    - Receive certificates of achievement and share reflections on the bootcamp experience.

    This 4-week design thinking bootcamp offers a structured and hands-on approach to understanding and applying design thinking principles, ensuring participants gain the knowledge and skills to tackle complex challenges with creativity and empathy. Let's rock & roll!

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