Become an Efficient Product Owner

Become an Efficient Product Owner

What is this course about?


In many startups,  there is a lack of understanding between what the business development folks are doing and what the product developers are doing. The goal here is to create harmony between the two

because if it doesn’t exist, disaster will strike. If the concept that the business developers are peddling to the end-user doesn’t line up with the realities of development capabilities or timing, you’re going to be hitting a rock bottom sooner than you anticipate. In this course, learn to find the balance between business development and product development.


The key aspects of effective Product Ownership include:

  • Focus on Outcome over Output
  • Build and maintain a shared understanding
  • Make decisions


What you’ll learn: 


  • How to set a product vision
  • How to create a product roadmap
  • How to break down features into epics and user stories
  • How to group stories with categorization (using my bucket approach)
  • How to prioritize your Product Backlog and Roadmap
  • Intellectual Property

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