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What if Khaleesi was a Design Thinker?

You may wonder, how can any ruler ever conquer kingdoms on a sequential level while remaining beautiful and young? Daenerys Targaryen did just that.

The Mother of Dragons successfully ingrained User Experience (UX) design principles into her schemes. Due to her innate intuition of such principles, she was able to conquer empires, enchant men, free the slaves and tame the dragons. Here are the 4 tips that Khaleesi used for such success:

1. “The Breaker of chains!”

She segmented her ploy by attending the masses’ pain first, and then to their deepest desires, and by satisfying the earlier concerns, she gave them an exciting hope for change under her reign of course. People were pained due to oppression and desired freedom equal to their masters. Danny gave them just what they desired, in exchange for the expansion of her rulership and advocation of her campaign’s mindset and way of life. As a master UX Designer like Danny, you ought to focus on unraveling your prospective clients’ pain points and make sure you are eradicating these rising frustrations. By doing this, you are providing relief to your user, and gaining trust and a long-term relationship. So, just ease up the vibe by becoming the savior.

2. “First of Her Name”

You ought to look extraordinary in order to stand out. Once you are different than the rest, what you do is easily noticed. In the language of app conception, you need, for instance, to have a unique dashboard to captivate your user and seduce them to discover your app concept one minute longer. You ought to always have that cutting edge than the average-joe apps out there.

3. “The Unburnt”

Danny was in that raging fire over and over across the seasons. Emerging like a phoenix from the ashes. Khaleesi, stood tall and proud of her achievement of being effortlessly invincible. Her majestic exuberance begged for prostration among the witnesses. It was just too good to be called average. Your app has to be formidable to the extent that your users have no choice but to rate you 5 stars in the app store. It’s not only the visuals that have to stand out but also the quality of code. Your app’s functionality has to stand strong like Khaleesi’s body while on fire.

4. “Dracarys!”

Her dragons came for the rescue when needed. Danny certainly had a motherly bond with her dragon babies. Their power was sensational, let alone her power over them. You need that motherly power over your app project. Your front-end and back-end machinations should be cohesive and well grasped by you. You need to be able to become a dragon warrior out for the rescue, once your client points out concern and need your immediate catering.

“Valar Morghulis” My Last Words:

Get your client’s killer app equipped with the right principles of UX Design prior to Development. If you are UXing the app while the coders started their work, then rest assured you are doing this all wrong. Have you ever seen the unsullied do pushups while assembling for a war? Of course not! Because Timing and management are the break-it or make-it Deal in all endeavors. Make sure that you are also creating the beauty of the utmost quality when handling UX Design for Software Applications. You are creating Art!

And remember what Khaleesi once said: “Beauty can be deadly(awesome!) when well used.”

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