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🌶Post: How terrible is our current UX approach?

👋 Hey hey UXer! Have you wondered why so many UX design attempts fall flat, despite following a rigorous template to the T?

I kid you not, it is a painful and confusing stage in any UXer's career path. We all have gone through it, so fret not.

👁Look closely at this diagram below, do you see the difference?

'Fake UX', though I don't agree with the term per se, is a superficial attempt in understanding target users' pain points and needs. There is a blind inclination on using tools and processes instead of deeply understanding as to what these tools being used for. Doing a survey or collating a focus group are not enough in unraveling the root causes of your target users' frustrations, desires and needs. We have to come out of the conventional box and critically investigate the challenge at hand. Without assumptions, shortcuts or mindless hacks.

'Real UX', again I'm not a fan of the terminology used, is an invitation onto exploring the challenge from an investigator's mindset. Observing the target users with a keen eye. I like to think of Sherlock Holmes as a good persona of a UXer at the early stage of DISCOVERY. Embody that shrewd persona and watch how your UX results will skyrocket. 🌶

Check out this diagram below, it can be useful in conveying this thought:

Fundamentally speaking, always make sure you are asking 3 crucial questions:

  • WHY

  • HOW

  • WHAT

'Bad UX' lacks emphasis on the WHY, hence, the flat tire situation that most early UXers face.

Next Up: Useless Solution Designs - the blood sucker of any UX design time and energy 🥶

You got this, Sherlock!

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