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MINDSHOP™| Design thinking is Bull***t?

Design thinking is like a Swiss Army knife for problem-solving. It's a versatile and flexible approach that can help you tackle just about any challenge, from redesigning a website to rethinking your entire business model. With empathy as its blade, creativity as its screwdriver, and collaboration as its corkscrew, design thinking is the ultimate tool for unlocking innovative solutions and cutting through complexity.

While it has many benefits, there are also some common problems associated with design thinking. Here are a few:

Lack of buy-in

One of the most common problems with design thinking is that stakeholders may not fully buy into the process. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as a lack of understanding of the methodology, a lack of trust in the team, or a lack of commitment to the project.

Overemphasis on ideation

Another problem with design thinking is that it can sometimes place too much emphasis on ideation and brainstorming, at the expense of other important aspects of the process, such as prototyping, testing, and implementation.

Poor implementation

Even if a design thinking project goes well, it can still fail if the implementation is poor. This can happen if the team doesn't have the necessary resources or support to make the changes they want to make, or if there is resistance to change from within the organization.

Lack of diversity

Design thinking is all about empathy and understanding the needs of users. However, if the team is not diverse, they may not be able to fully understand the needs of all users, and this can lead to incomplete or flawed solutions.

Lack of rigor

Finally, another problem with design thinking is that it can sometimes be seen as too loose or informal, with a lack of rigor and structure. While it's important to be flexible and creative, it's also important to have a structured approach to problem-solving to ensure that the project stays on track and meets its goals.

It is more Art than science in implementing design thinking successfully, interested to know the secret sauce? then stay tuned :)


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