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#mHealthUX | Siilo: DM me those diagnostic notes will ya?

Company Name: Siilo

Founded: 2016, Amsterdam, NL

Annual Revenue: ~$4.4M

Total Funding: Eur.14M

Userbase: ~300,000 active users - mainly from Western Europe (NL, DE)


What's the Challenge?

#Siilo is tackling a number of challenges in the healthcare industry, but mainly the Fragmented communication & lack of collaboration, hence the name "Siilo" Healthcare professionals often communicate through a variety of fragmented channels, such as email, phone, and fax. This can make it difficult to keep track of conversations and share information efficiently. Another one is Lack of collaboration: Healthcare professionals often work in silos, which can make it difficult to collaborate on complex cases.

Siilo is a secure medical messaging app designed to help healthcare professionals and teams better collaborate on difficult cases, improve patient care, and share knowledge in a compliant way. It is used by over 425,000 healthcare professionals in over 30 countries. Siilo offers a variety of features that make it ideal for healthcare professionals, including:

  • Secure messaging: Siilo uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that all messages are secure and private.

  • Group chats: Siilo allows users to create group chats to discuss cases, share knowledge, and collaborate with other healthcare professionals.

  • File sharing: Siilo allows users to share files, such as images, videos, and medical reports, with other users.

  • Integration with EHR systems: Siilo can be integrated with electronic health record (EHR) systems to allow users to access patient information directly from the app.

  • Compliance: Siilo is compliant with a variety of healthcare regulations, including HIPAA and GDPR.

User demographics?

Siilo is used by a wide range of healthcare professionals across various fields. Here are some examples:

  1. Doctors in Celle: They use Siilo for digital exchange, especially in the outpatient setting.

  2. Esma Kaya, an experienced nurse and elderly care assistant in The Hague: She shared her experience of how Siilo has improved her work life.

  3. Chronisch ZorgNet: A dynamic quality network consisting of primary care providers, committed to improving care for people with chronic diseases.

  4. Dermatologikum specialists: A large part of the employed Dermatologikum specialists downloaded the app within only two weeks and now use it as their first digital communication channel.

  5. Rivas Care Group: Many colleagues were already using Siilo and they wondered how they could use the app even more efficiently.

  6. Klinikum Region Hannover (KRH): One of the largest municipal clinic groups in Germany and the largest provider of healthcare services in the Hannover region.

  7. The German Society for Interventional Cardiology (AGIK) members: They use Siilo to securely discuss protocols and patient cases.

  8. Royal Pharmacists’ Association of Antwerp (KAVA): They address inefficient communication to and between pharmacists via Siilo’s collaborative discussion tiles.

  9. Altrio regional coordinators: They use Siilo to facilitate patient transfers and follow-up communication between home health nurses in Belgium.

  10. Home care organisation Buurtzorg: They use Siilo for efficient information exchange between nurses and healthcare professionals across the region.

  11. Orthopaedics Department at St. George’s Hospital: They use Siilo to connect medical teams and collaborate on patient cases.

These examples show that Siilo is used by a diverse group of healthcare professionals, from doctors and nurses to pharmacists and coordinators, across various regions.

How does #Siilo ensure data privacy and security?

End-To-End Encryption

​Secure Camera & Media

​Automatic Message Deletion

​The Secure Camera tool allows users to take photos and videos that are immediately stored within Siilo Media located in the Profile tab. This ensures that sensitive photos and videos of patient information are not locally stored on devices or in personal services such as Apple iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox

​Mandatory Passcode

Backup & Restore

Secure Desktop Collaboration

​When installing Siilo, users are required to create a 5 ‑digit PIN code. This is an extra layer of protection for Siilo’s data

​The Siilo Backup & Restore code is a unique sequence of letters and numbers generated for you upon registration. It allows you to preserve and recover your data in the event of a lost or updated device

Users must scan a QR code using the Siilo mobile app to open the in-browser version of Siilo

Some shortcomings?

Siilo, like any other platform, has its own set of challenges. Here are some potential shortcomings:

  1. Lack of clarity: The guidelines for the use of Siilo in acute clinical settings are not clearly defined, which could lead to inappropriate use of mobile messengers1.

  2. Disregarding compliance by design: The guide designed to educate NHS staff on how to judge if a messenger is suitable for sharing patient data focuses on only five features and recognizes these as mandatory functions1.

  3. Potential for misuse: There’s a risk that healthcare practitioners might think that using applications like Siilo as a work messaging app is perfectly safe, secure, and compliant, which could be a short-sighted view1.

Please note that these are potential shortcomings and may not reflect the current state of the platform as it continues to evolve and improve.


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