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Technology is not everything, here's why.

Technology is a tool built to make our Lives better. A lot of ambitious entrepreneurs think that if that “Cutting Edge Technology” is launched to the world  then by all means they are destined to succeed.

It is usually a shocker by which they realize that other aspects of business development have equal or rather more weight than the technology itself. It is necessary that the founder team is balanced in terms of skill sets. It is considered better if each founder is an expert of his own Merit. Sometimes the burden ends up on the employees, specifically the UX design team. As a designer, all the responsibilities of “design thinking” a solution that the founders should have had executed, is dumped onto the team.

As I always iterate in this blog, Design thinking is BEST suited in the boardroom – yet a lot of existing companies burden their employees, delegate design thinking of consultants at different stages of product development or end up disregarding this all together since the “tech is so awesome”.

It is highly recommended that there is a chief design officer or chief design thinker as part of the original founder team who must be an expert or very familiar with design thinking mindset and the actual manifesto of this philosophy. From the early stages, CXOs must work together in order to craft the most suitable product for their target users. Eat that frog!

More thoughts to come, so stay tuned!


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