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What is User-Centered Design and why it matters.

User centered design (UCD)  is an investigative yet generative mixture of a methodology. This process aids designers and boardroom stakeholders to develop an understanding of their target user needs.

User centered design caters to the whole user experience and not just an aspect of the transaction. This requires a thorough synchronicity of what the users need, tasks they wish to accomplish, and the environment they’ll be interacting with.

Since this methodology is well concerned with the overall experience, it is highly recommended that professionals from across multiple disciplines are to be involved as well.

So, why does it matter?

Investing in User-centered design does pay off in the long term and sometimes the positive effect is immediate as well. Since you are having a close involvement with your target users, the expectations of the quality of your products’ in delivering solutions to their needs will be satisfactory and precise. Loyalty of your customer bases is highly likely due to this.

Since the whole team is part of this process, systems designers will be having an easier time implementing a coherent and thorough solutions with lower risk of human error. The safety of such products can be felt both internally and externally.

Your designers will have deep empathy of products’ your user base, this means that a greater understanding of their different cultures, values and environmental pressures are being experienced by your target users. This will be a huge step in growing your business in a sustainable fashion.

More thoughts to come, stay tuned!

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