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Treatment-Related Burden (Diabetes)

About the X Factor (Pain Point)

Diabetes in a Nutshell:
Imagine the body's like a factory, and sugar is its fuel. Normally, insulin acts like a key, unlocking cells to let sugar in for energy. But with diabetes, one of two things go wrong:

Key malfunction: The body doesn't make enough insulin (Type 1).
Lock issue: Cells become resistant to insulin (Type 2).

Living with diabetes presents numerous challenges, both physical and emotional.

Hallmark of this pain point?

Treatment-Related Burden:

  • Multiple medications and injections: Managing multiple medications and insulin injections can be demanding, requiring significant time and discipline.

  • Dietary restrictions and lifestyle changes: Strict control over food choices and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can feel restrictive and challenging to incorporate into daily routines.

  • Cost of care: The financial burden of medication, equipment, and specialist consultations can be overwhelming for many patients.

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