I'm Kat Usop.BME.MSHI

My Vision

"Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else” 


Leonardo Da Vinci once uttered these wise words regarding the nature of our existence.  My vision is to carry on the torch of enlightenment, innovation, and sagacity that Da Vinci once brought upon our world. 

My Mission

My mission is to support, mentor, and guide innovators who require out-of-the-box integrative, creative, yet systematic problem-solving techniques.


Due to my background in Biomedical Engineering, Digital Health Applications, and Biomedical Data Science, I serve best when the challenges are within the healthcare sphere.

My Plan of Action

I am a digital nomad entrepreneur who travels in a "slow-mo". Due to such a  hard-working power team, I am able to run multiple digital businesses along my travels. Medverse Labs : Full-cycle Digital Health Consulting, Gina Health: a Precision Health Startup, and Mindshop School: a virtual Innovation Training Institute. My lifestyle allows me to have a fresh perspective and motivation to solve challenges creatively and efficiently. 

 My Coaching Programs

I commit ~ 5 hours a week to mentoring aspiring innovators. Hover to learn more.

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